Nick Diaz belongs in the UFC Hall of Fame, Tyron Woodley says

Nick Diaz belongs in the UFC Hall of Fame, Tyron Woodley says

Nick Diaz is accepted to be part in the UFC Hall of Fame, despite the fact he’s never won a UFC title … so says Tyron Woodley.

on this week’s “Hollywood Beatdown”, Mr Tyron said, “He’s done enough in his career, in my opinion, to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.”

Diaz famously started his UFC career back in 2003 with an armbar concession victory over Jeremy Jackson.

Mr Nick defeated guys like Robbie Lawler before a showdown with Diego Sanchez on “The Ultimate Fighter 2” finale (Diaz lost that fight).

Mr Nick hopped to Strikeforce, where he DOMINATED — achieving success in all 7 of his fights between 2009 and 2011, winning the welterweight title and defending it 4 times.

Eventually, the UFC bought Strikeforce and brought Nick back to the UFC roster where he defeated  BJ Penn and lost some epic battles to guys like Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre.

Now, Diaz, 37, is rumored to be making a comeback … but Tyron believes he’s already got a Hall of Fame resume.