Hurricane Laura upgraded, as its scheduled to hit Texas and Louisiana

Hurricane Laura
Hurricane Laura upgraded, as its scheduled to hit Texas and Louisiana

The Hurricane Laura, that has caused evacuation in the Caribbean, has now been upgraded to a hurricane as it is scheduled to hit Texas and Louisiana in the coming days.

On Monday, Tropical Storm hits the Gulf Coast in Marco, and are now having to prepare for the hurricane, which is reinforcing on its way to the US.

On Tuesday morning, the National Hurricane Centre claimed that Hurricane Laura had been upgraded to a Category 1, after it was recorded moving at 17 mph with maximum sustained winds of 75 mph, while over the Gulf of Mexico.

According to CBS News, the hurricane is anticipated to hit the Louisiana and Texas coasts on Wednesday, before it moves in land on Thursday.

There were worries in the states that both Laura and Marco would cause devastation within 48 hours, but the former was degraded to a tropical depression not long after it reached land on Monday.

Forecasters predict that on Wednesday, the Hurricane Laura will reinforce even more before it hits the US and could become a Category 3 hurricane with winds up to 115mph.

David Parkinson, CBS News weather producer said that the blow will be far-reaching, and added: “Recently, about 17.5 million people are likely to feel the worst blow of the storm, which include a storm spike higher than a one story building (up to 11 feet) as well as a foot of rain.”

Thousands of people are forced to withdraw from their dwellings in coastal states, as the hurricane centre said that “preparations to protect life and property should be hastened to completion” and warned that “this is a life-threatening situation.”