Egypt’s public prosecution seeks arrest of nine suspects in alleged gang-rape case… 7 fled the country

Egypt's public prosecution seeks arrest of nine suspects in alleged gang-rape case... 7 fled the country

Egypt’s public prosecution is searching to arrest nine suspects accused of gang-raping a woman, including seven who have fled the country.

The rape reportedly took place six years ago at a luxury hotel in the capital, Cairo, but the allegations came-forth online in July. 

A public statement said, “The public prosecution is taking legal steps to detain the fugitives who are charged of assaulting a young woman at the Fairmont Nile City Hotel in 2014.”

It added, “seven of the accused who face an arrest warrant have flown out of the country”, as police informed the public prosecution.

The prosecution said it was also trying to hunt two other suspects in the case, one of whom had reportedly been “accused in a similar [rape] case”. 

According to the local media reports, the prosecution also notified against sharing “evidence” that may jeopardise the investigation.

According to AFP news agency, the hotel has said it had executed an internal investigation but found “that at no time were any recounts of the incident filed to the hotel, nor to the hotel’s tourism police”.

According to Assault Police’s page, Egyptian women often face threats of retaliation for revealing sexual misconduct. However, the victim had been threatened by various social media users and was told that her “identity will be released for the public to shame her”.