Have you ever thought of lightening up your indoor environment with various colors that affects your feelings, emotions and sensitivity to correct your physical ailments? Nanoleaf light Panel brings plenty of personality to any space and have great design element that will have others oozing with envy.

Nanoleaf light Panel (formerly known as Nanoleaf Aurora) is a smart light designed on many panels (triangular like) to steadily creep across the walls, like some sort of homemade Aurora Borealis. With a lot of mesmerising colours, an infinite number of programmable scenes, and the ability to easily expand your creation with more panels. The Nanoleaf light Panels are awesome addition to literally any conceivable space. They are also not only customable in pattern but are capable of supporting up to 16.7 million colors, depending on the set to a range of different shades and hues throughout the day and change on a whim too.

– starter pack containing 9 triangular panels.
– power hub.
– blinkers (to connect the panels together).
– double sided tape.

In addition:
– Optional Rythm Module: is a small device slot to any free slots, and makes your light panels react according to sound. You can modify special rythm scenes in the Android or iOS app, therefore you can turn any space into more vibrant colors and pattern. It is receptive to ambient music and can be connected to an audio source directly to the Optional Rythm Module via a 3.5mm cable.
– Nanoleaf Remote: is a 12-sided remote which allows you to quick activate particular scene without having pick up your phone by turning it around or adjust the brightness by twisting it around. It is powered by 2-AA batteries.
Nanoleaf remote work differently on whether you are using iOS or Android app. With iOS, it will require some sort of Home-hub, such as Apple TV or home-Pod border to pair with and control your lights.
On Android, you will need Nanoleaf Rythm Module to control your light with the remote and you will also need the Rythm Module on iOS if you want to adjust brightness.