The best appliance to make your homemade delicious meal. Recently, many appliances are being made to do our domestic jobs easily except from the fact that cooking appliances have not been perfected to stress-free.
If I may ask, are you among those who are looking to replace multitude of single use appliance that are sitting either on or under your counter? Or are you one of those serious cook that wants to reduce stress in cooking, trying to create or adopt new recipes on your menu?
As a cook, I have an almost visceral reaction to gadget lying around my kitchen that only one thing do, especially if they are big or small and also needed to be plugged.
Last year, guys from Australia made a spectacular appliance called The Kitchenaid Cook Processor Connect.
It is an all-in-one, small counter-top appliance with dozens of capabilities like frying, boiling, steaming, mixing, stewing, kneading, emulsifying, whipping, stirring, chopping and mincing. It is designed to reduce stress in cooking and cleanup time which pares down number of bowls, utensils and also other appliances needed to make a meal.

The Kitchenaid Cook Processor Connect enumerate several special features of which were engineered to solve issues that occur during meal preparation and they are;
– Mini-bowl & Mini-blade: It has a standard 4.5 litre stainless bowl which is much when cooking family size quantity.
– Multi-blade: there is a speed control switch for single blade used for mixing, chopping, shredding and mincing, and let’s you speed up or slowdown the action depending on the size, quantity and consistency of the ingredient.
– Dough blade: knead dough for bread, pizza and pasta with a specially designed blade.
– Stir Assist: it auto stirs I ingredients that are sauteing while you perform other tasks.
– Egg whip: it whip eggs, egg whites or cream with the attachment.
– Inner steamer basket: its steamer basket help to make the food healthy when steaming. It steams or boil fruits, vegetables or fish.
– Integrated ingredients scale: it accurately calculate the weight of the ingredients in the pot without measuring with cup, bowl or spoon.
– Steamer lid, upper and lower steamer basket: these accessories cook different food simultaneously, so if you want to separate your ingredients while steaming, then multiple baskets would do the trick.
– The stainless steel cooking bowl (4.5 litre) is large enough to make a homemade meal for the whole family, so you don’t need multiple pots.
– Color: this appliance is available in two colours; Candy apple red and Cranky black.

You can download the Whirlpool’s Yummy app to connect directly to above 100 pre-set recipes straight to the Kitchenaid Cook Processor Connect. This wonderful made appliance is now available on Kitchenaid website, the price is expected to cost $1,500 and it can be shipped and delivered worldwide.