TikTok banned in India, down with 58 other Chinese apps... as tension arises in connecting borders

TikTok, developed by Chinese company Bytedance, permit users to share short videos which are generally set to music. It has regularly refuse allegations about its relationship with the Chinese government, publishing a blog post late last year in which it said its data centres are kept outside of China and that it is not subject to Chinese data law.

TikTok has been vetoed in India, along with 58 other mostly Chinese apps, as tensions arise continuously between the two countries.

The Indian government said that it would block the app – along with 58 others, including games such as Clash of Kings, Alibaba’s UC Browser and Tencent’s WeChat.

The Ministry of Information Technology said, the 59 blocked apps are “defence of India, security of state and public order, detrimental to sovereignty and integrity of India, “,

It was described that some of the apps had been found to be “surreptitiously transmitting and stealing users’ data in an unauthorized manner to servers which have locations outside India”, though it did not explicitly reference any specific data practices or particular apps that had led to the ban.

The ministry claimed that members of the public had also voiced concern about the way certain apps use the data they collect.

The ban comes after a deadly border conflict between the two nuclear-armed nations earlier this month in which 20 Indian soldiers have died.

The government announcement made no backings to the arise tensions or to the fact that most of the apps had been developed in China.

Initially this month, Google banned an app called “Remove China Apps” from its online store. The tool – which scanned the mobile phone for any apps developed in China, including TikTok, and remove them, described to have been downloaded more than five million times in the short period it was accessible.