Malawi: Governing party seeks to nullify results of the election rerun

On Friday, the Malawi’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) called on the electoral commission to nullify results collated so far and announce a 3rd poll as it cross-examined the credibility of the vote rerun.

The governing party is pushing for a third presidential election, citing irregularities and threats in a vote rerun where unofficial tallies show the opposition leader assured to beat incumbent President Peter Mutharika.

The Unofficial results compiled by public broadcaster MBC gave opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera a dominant 60% lead, with the incumbent Mutharika dangling with 39%.

The governing party listed polling stations from which their monitors were allegedly ruled out and said more than 1.5 million votes were ruined by “intimidation and brutality”.

There was no immediate reaction from the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

President Mutharika, in power since 2014, won 38.5 percent of last year’s dishonoured vote in which Chakwera garnered 35.4 percent.

In February, Malawi’s High court found the election was flawed by widespread irregularities, including the use of correction fluid to tamper with the score sheets. According to the Malawian human rights activist Luke Tembo told AFP news agency said, “we have had a very credible election compared to the 2019 presidential election.”

The MEC has until July 3 to reveal the results. The critical-point ruling made Malawi just the second country south of the Sahara to have presidential poll results discarded, after Kenya in 2017.