AdMagic Inc. owner is aborting efforts to create a "Black Lives Matter" board game

Shari Spiro, the owner of AdMagic Inc., last week filed to trademark the ‘BLM’ phrase. Spiro told TMZ her plan was to help the organization create some type of educational tool — possibly a ‘BLM’ card or board game — to teach people about the movement.

The founder of the gaming company is seeing the light, she’s aborting efforts to create a “Black Lives Matter” board game, and admits, despite good intentions … there’s a better way to fight racism.

Spiro added, she was not doing it for financial gain or publicity, but was going to donate the trademark – if approved – back to the Black Lives Matter org.

“Moving forward, I will listen and learn so that I can be a better ally in the fight against racism.” Spiro said in a statement to withdrawal the trademark officially on the books within few days.

It should be noted that Spiro’s not the first person to run to the trademark office since BLM protests started spreading after the death of George Floyd. Another businessman also recently withdrew applications for “Black Lives Matter” and “I Can’t Breathe.”